About Me

I was born and raised near Frankfurt, Germany, where I am also currently living. As soon as I learned to read I cherished books, oftentimes forgetting my surroundings while reading. There were a few times my parents had to wrestle books from my hands so I’d sit down for lunch or stop reading with a flashlight under my blankets long after bedtime.

I started writing when I was elven years old and on vacation in Australia with my parents and brother. One afternoon I refused to play in the hotel pool because I’d seen a spider in the hallway. I was sure all spiders in Australia had to be poisonous and so I stubbornly remained at the hotel room that day. As this took place long before everyone had devices to use the internet on and my English wasn’t good enough yet to watch TV I quickly grew bored. I’d planned to keep a diary of the vacation but I was awful at actually writing into it everyday. Instead that afternoon I took my journal and started writing a story about a girl living on a farm in Colorado.

As I grew older of course my interests changed and so I started writing more urban fantasy and dystopian romance stories. Even the language I’m writing in changed from German to English after spending a year abroad in high school. What has never changed though is my unwavering love for books and writing stories I’d enjoy reading myself.